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Akshi Rose Water, so natural helps heal inflamed skin, gives a refreshing feeling, has a natural fragrance and can be directly applied to the face and body. AKSHI NATURALS
Bring Some Life
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Akshi Butter Creme As delicious as it looks feed your skin with purity No artificial colours. Full of antioxidant qualities, just a little is enough. For the face and body. + View More Coco Butter Cream AKSHI NATURALS
Bring Some Life
Akshi Pain Relief Oil is a moisturising oil made from cold press oils of Jojoba, Almond, Sesame and more.It is added with essential oils to relieve pain and aches in the body.It is light and does not cause burning or itching. + View More Pain Relief AKSHI NATURALS
Bring Some Life

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Akshi Oil- Bringing some Life; to your Skin and Hair. With nutrient rich cold press oils that work on you internally and externally.
At Akshi Oil we make products using cold press oils, natural herbs, and essential oils that give you truly natural results! Unique fragrance range in the oils like strawberry, passion fruit and more are customized to engage all ages. All products at Akshi are made in small batches and ready to use, or gift to your loved ones.
We have a huge diversity in our products, like hair oil, massage oils, kids oils, essential oils, pure rose water, scrubs and other plain cold-pressed oils like groundnut, almond, castor, of edible quality.
And so today we are proud to call it a journey from Akshi Oil to Akshi Naturals, taking care of you holistically.
Let’s go to nature to be soothed and healed and come out with our senses in order.

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