The range of oils and other products are free of nasties and skin irritants.
A patch test on a small body area like the elbow is always recommended before using any product liberally.
Yes our full range can be fragrance free and customised for pregnancy. Some of our oils are popular against stretchmarks.
Yes we have a range of products for dry, normal and oily skin types.
When naturally the skin has lack of hydration, the skin starts secreting excess oils. It is good to use natural oils to replenish and nourish the skin to balance the production.

Akshi hair oil is made from cold press oils, herbs, extracts and added with essential oils. It is made to solve all hair problems holistically for any type of hair including colour treated hair.

Absolutely! All cold press oils are safe on babies and products with essential oils can be used for anyone above the age of 5.
Yes, Using the hair oil and body oil will help hair growth and keeping the body cool respectively. The skin will be hydrated naturally.
Anything from 2 hours or more would be the ideal application time for maximum benefits. It is advisable to use mild soap and shampoo for washing hair and body.
Yes all the plain cold press oils are edible and healthy options.